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A Team & Concept Approach to Horse training

Authentic Horsemanship Horse Trainers

Authentic Horsemanship (AH) is a concept and philosophy shared by a group of individuals, rather than a one-man show, because we believe that there is more than just one method to train horses. According to us, the concept of respect, quality and a genuinely low-stress approach to horsemanship is more important than following one person’s strict idea or method that is deemed “the best.”

There are many proven, successful methods used to train horses in a non-stressful and respectful way. As a result of observing these methods, we have an open-minded approach to training and try to learn from as many different horsemen and horsewomen as possible.

Our open-minded approach and enthusiasm for horsemanship means that we are able to work with a variety of trainers and equine professionals from different backgrounds and cultures. For example, in our Mustang training program, we often work with Steve Mantle, who has been a licensed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Mustang trainer since 1998. He expertly selects Mustangs to work with and will typically put 90 to 120 days’ worth of training on a horse. After this period, we jointly evaluate the horses and bring the best prospects to The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch, the headquarters of AH, for further training.
For more information on our Mustang training program, please read “AH Mustangs.”

For American Quarter Horses and various other breeds in our AH training program, we use the same approach and training concepts.

A team approach to training and clinics

Our AH horsemanship clinics are never limited to just one trainer; we intentionally create a teamwork-oriented atmosphere where participants can enjoy working with different trainers throughout the clinic week. Rather than settling on one strict idea, backing one trainer or clinician’s theories over another or siding with the age-old debate over which method or riding style is “best,” we simply draw from many resources with the goal of embracing what is best for our horses and riders.



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