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AH Stockmanship

stockmanship cattle at the HideoutWhat Natural Horsemanship or Authentic Horsemanship is to horses is Stockmanship to cattle. Our crew was trained by Bud Williams. What Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Monty Roberts, the Dorrance brothers are to Horsemanship, Bud Williams is to Stockmanship and the art of low stress cattle herding.




stockmanship clinicsWhen it comes to working cattle with your horse, AH Horsemanship adopts AH Stockmanship which uses the same principles. During our clinics and riding we will work with you and your horse on the basics of Stockmanship. It is fun once you and your horse understand the principles. More importantly, EVERYBODY can do it because we start slow and build things up.




participate in stockmanship ridesA great book to read is ‘Stockmanship – A powerful tool for grazing lands management” by Steve Cote. At AH Horsemanship and The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch we like you to understand “The Why” of things not just the techniques. As you ride and participate in cattle work at The Hideout and The Flitner Ranch you will learn more about this in theory and practice. As you ride out on the range and help move lifestock on our 300,000 acre ranch you will understand & enjoy cattle work so much more. That is both you and your horse.



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