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Authentic Horsemanship - Mustangs

Authentic Horsemanship (AH) Mustangs at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch

At The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch, guests can ride well-trained mustangs selected and trained following the principles of our Authentic Horsemanship (AH) concept that consistently makes reliable, fun and comfortable mounts.

How do we train our mustangs?

Simply put, we train our mustangs in the same manner as the rest of our horses here at The Hideout using low-stress methods.

It all starts with selecting the right Mustangs and the foundation training

We select and buy mustangs through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) adoption programs based on our 3 C Concept, and have them started for 90 to 120 days in a low-stress environment that allows the horse to grow and develop horse-human relationships at its own pace. We do not use force to train any of our horses, especially Mustangs, as they are quite sensitive to aggression and pressure. We believe in doing a lot of good quality groundwork with them.
Some of our prospects have been selected and trained by Steve Mantle, who is a long-time certified BLM Mustang trainer with a respected reputation. Mantle uses low-stress methods exclusively and will do extensive groundwork with a horse prior to working it under saddle. His training methods integrates very well with our AH Horsemanship concept.

Hours and hours riding with different riders in a step-by-step approach

Once the Mustangs to be trained have been adopted and successfully started, we need to keep the horses for at least one year before being granted a title of official ownership from the BLM. After discussion and careful selection with our foundation trainers,  we decide which Mustangs will be coming to The Hideout to be further trained by our staff under the AH horsemanship banner and program.
These horses will initially be ridden by our wranglers for a period of time; after this “trial period,” Hideout guests who are advanced riders and embrace the AH philosophy will have the opportunity to ride these Mustangs during their stay at The Hideout. Through this process, the horses are being handled in a consistent manner while being ridden and handled by different riders. The Mustangs will see a variety of scenery and situations, load on trailers, be shod by our farrier who embraces low-stress techniques and spend time in our herd of 75 horses being socialized in a natural, healthy way.
As the Mustangs mature, they will be used more intensively on scenic rides in the mountains and working cattle on the range. They will work and train in both our indoor and outdoor facilities with desensitization as a main goal to create safe, reliable horses that are a joy to ride.

Ready to ride or sell

Some of these Mustangs will be offered for sale while many will be introduced to The Hideout’s well-mannered string of guest horses. Only the Mustangs and other horses that are being trained under this program will finally receive the AH brand as a mark of their achievement and thorough “passing of the bar” in the AH training process. 

We always have a number of mustangs under training and for sale.

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